Bring Power over Pandemonium with Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

After receiving official licensing from Games Workshop, Pixel Toys, a British development team possessing years of experience from companies such as Activision, CodeMasters, freestyle games and Sony, have created an on-rails shooter like no other that brings power over pandemonium, unleashing waves of destruction onto the dystopian sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Armoured as an i02-WH40K-Freeblade1ronclad mechanical knight equipped with monumental weapons, 40K: Freeblade compels players to take on the darkness of the far future, throwing you into the epicentre of a planetary siege where surrender is not an option after witnessing the brutal murder of your brother. By harnessing new apple 3D touch technology, you use differing degrees of touch to unload cannons, missiles and thermal blasts onto orkish enemies, blowing your way through over 40 single player campaign missions set within the crumbling scenes of Tarnis.

Pixel Toys have outdone themselves with many aspects of Warhammer 40K: Freeblade. The mechanics are flawless; users can practically feel the weight of their tools stomping around the battlefield. The 3D graphics are beautifully detailed without a sparsity in sight, and an almost limitless customisability gives you free reign to play around with war paints and badges for your Imperial Knight. All of these characteristics have been made possible by enlisting the help of the extensive BaaS solution provided by GameSparks. By removing the headache of running another server, Pixel Toys have been able to streamline development and implementation of multiple server-side features, enabling them to spend more time and talent on creating stunningly addictive content that has earned multiple sterling reviews and #1 feature in the iOS app store charts.IMG_0019

The profound story running through Pixel Toys’ Freeblade consists of varied combinations of tap-to-shoot range attacks against endless waves of Greenskins, hand-to-hand combats facing monstrous Megadreds, and as if this isn’t enough, players are able to quench their thirst for more bloodshed through further daily quests and events that have been implemented through the help of the GameSparks daily challenge feature.

As you progress through the war-torn world of the 41st millennium, Freeblade ramps up the competition by executing extensive leaderboard systems for daily challenges, longest kill streak and overall mission scores. This, in addition to the social integration with Facebook, sees players wage war against one another, attempting to become victorious and reap multiple rewards which can be added to their arsenal, or melted down to forge bigger and more deadly items.

Pixel ToyIMG_0016s have quite rightly been applauded by many for countless features within Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. The gameplay satisfies the needs of a diehard Warhammer fan and the casual gamer looking for a quick burst of action. The mechanics are as smooth as silk and the 3D graphics are gorgeous. This painstakingly produced, newly released mobile title deserves a permanent place on your device and is a credit to both the Warhammer series and the iOS marketplace in which it sits.



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