Hungry Shark Evolution Feasts on GameSparks

British-based Ubisoft studio, Future Games of London (FGOL), have hone1351667651_zc19ks36mud the art of game development, creating and nurturing a series of mobile games that have earned a permanent place on millions of devices worldwide. FGOL have accomplished goals that many developers only dream of achieving. Users have spent at least 35,000 years playing Hungry Shark Evolution since its release in 2012, and download rates are still smashing records to this day, with over 180 million direct installs onto mobile devices all over the globe.

The most recent and exceedingly successful edition to the Hungry Shark series, Hungry Shark Evolution, is a completely over-the-top and ridiculously addictive endless ‘eat-them-up’ that has some serious bite. Hungry Shark sees players take a predator on an underwater feeding frenzy by dragging their finger around the map and pointing them in the right direction. In this aquatic adventure, your Great White will turn fish into sushi rolls, chomping through anything and everything in their path, whilst avoiding obstacles and dodging other deadlier predators in an attempt to prevent starvation for as long as possible and collect enough coins to evolve into a bigger, better, and even hungrier shark.

Fu417267ture Games of London are heavily invested in understanding and responding to their players. By quickly reacting to how players enjoy their games, they’re able to make more relevant updates and retain a highly active and engaged audience. As Hungry Shark Evolution’s player numbers have reached dizzying heights, FGOL’s aim to maintain this close relationship could have become an increasing struggle, but by setting Hungry Shark Evolution to feast on GameSparks, they have been able to remain completely in-tune with their players.Hungry-Shark-Evolution-Screenshot-2

Multiple features of the GameSparks platform have been utilised to help optimise Hungry Shark Evolution. By implementing our partitioned Leaderboards functionality, FGOL have managed to push competition between players. During every player’s session, various data bundles such as coin collections, enemy kills and session scores are collected. When a session completes, this data is sent through GameSparks to the relevant Leaderboard partition, showing users statistics that will see them determined to fish for more food and leave the other reef sharks behind to become the ‘Big Daddy’ and rule the seas.

images (2)As well as using Leaderboards to increase competition, Future Games of London have also worked closely with GameSparks to push player engagement by constructing custom events through our Dynamic Forms functionality. By creating and managing unique event configuration, FGOL have the ability to alter multiple aspects of how their game is played, for instance varying enemy spawn types and rates, reward drop probability and in-store shop availability for any particular given length of time. As an example, a Christmas event could be created in which the usual aquatic food changes from salty sea snacks and the occasional floating tourist, to penguins, candy canes and even a flying ‘bad Santa’, all of which can be offered with an increased reward rate for the duration of this event.

Hungry Shark Evolution has continued to be an immediate hit with all of its players. The limitless ethos, along with the wry and witty sense of humour of each shark, has created characters that players love to laugh at. The intuitive touch and tilt controls combined with high quality 3D graphics of sea (and space!), has seen Future Games of London transform millions of casual gamers into truly dedicated fans, and now, with the help of GameSparks, Hungry Shark Evolution’s players are always hungry for more.


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