Roqovan Enlists GameSparks to Deploy World War Toons – In VR!

World War Toons, created by Studio Roqovan (formally known as Reload Studios), is a laugh-out loud, bullet ridden, first person shooter and tank combat game that has been released as an open beta, coinciding with the launch of PlayStation VR.

Roqovan, staffed by former Call of Duty veterans and Disney animators, has taken the competitive genre of first person shooters and catapulted it into the centre of an immersive virtual reality slapstick comedy, set within an animated all out war of epic proportions.

World War Toons is built with VR in mind, throwing gamers into a playable cartoon where they fight as multiple infantry classes, hurling anvils and grand pianos at their enemies in a battle for ultimate supremacy. As well as being able to morph from a small, yet cunning, officer into a rocket-launching heavy on the fly, players can also smash through boxes to pick up unique power-ups, such as supercharging radioactive waste or TNT rockets.


Screenshot of  World War Toons in Action

Roqovan enlisted Backend-as-a-Service GameSparks to deepen layers of player engagement in their debut title. By using GameSparks to construct a comprehensive loot table, Roqovan have been able to rapidly execute a crate-style looting system which is central to the game’s core design, introducing an arsenal of weird and wonderfully new items to players, all without having to alter code or send an update to the client.

Using GameSparks Virtual Goods functionality to manage World War Toon’s in-game storefront, Roqovan have given players the ability to earn currency through daily quests and objectives to purchase crates containing downloadable items, such as new frenetic characters, hell raising tanks, and even more customizations.

GameSparks allows Roqovan to continually introduce content to their library, as well as alter the price of special items during promotional events. By providing integrations with both Steam and PSN, GameSparks also universally handles the in-game purchase transactions between players’ devices and the various stores.


In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, CEO James Chung said, “because we are launching as a beta version with limited content, we will initially utilize the crate system.  As the content library grows, we will open up the store to have individual downloadable items. Special events and items you have to win to acquire will be available as well. It might sound a bit standard, but we also have some surprise plans that we will be announcing too. We just can’t share that yet, but it will be super exciting news for gamers.”

World War Toons has been deeply anticipated, garnering a lot of attention from Sony and being heavily featured by all of the largest gaming events of the world. Not only is Roqovan achieving new feats to bring Triple-A development standards to an emerging Free-to-Play VR market by recruiting GameSparks, they have also managed to breathe new life into a perhaps predictable genre. World War Toons’ vivid and beautiful animations, combined with a Tom and Jerry-esque imagination, is set to have players of all ages laughing out loud, and is available through PS4 open BETA now!

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